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Meet the Team

Jeff Williams


Jeff Williams began his rise to CEO after completing business school in the early 80’s. Since then, he has taken on positions of increasing importance in various financial firms. He took the insight gained during this time to help make Best.CreditCard a premier site that helps users access their fullest financial potential.

Robert Adams

Executive Editorial Director

Robert Adams became our Executive Editorial Director after 6 years of experience running his own financial blog. His blog grew into one of the hottest financial topic blogs on the internet. We were able to tempt him over with the promise that our site would be focused on helping people make the best financial decisions possible.

Rebecca Kramer

Director of Business Development

In addition to helping us expand our business, Rebecca also takes time to pen the occasional article about business finances. Her insights have helped hundreds of small businesses grow and thrive. She completed her MBA in 2012 and has been focused on business finance ever since, bringing a sense of confidence and surety to an otherwise scary industry.

Cindy Kerr

Creative Director

Our creative director, Cindy Kerr, graduated with a Master’s Degree in web design and development. She uses this experience, plus her undergraduate degree in marketing, to help us come up with the best topics, layouts, and writing for online credit card websites. Cindy is the person to thank anytime you stop and marvel at how user-friendly our site is.

Michael Glover

VP Data & Analytics

Michael Glover obtained his MBA after getting an undergraduate degree in statistics. These skills help him better understand our audience and what they want. He uses these insights to provide a valuable source of information about what kind of information people are looking for. As a result, he’s a vital component to our ability to stay on top of the fast-paced financial product market.

Michelle Brooks

Financial Advisor

Michelle Brooks is one of our financial advisors. She uses her credit card industry experience from her time in credit card and debt counseling startups to help people understand the different financial tools at her disposal. She takes great pride in her ability to help people understand the different implications of having a credit card.

David Warner

Financial Advisor

David Warner is another Financial Advisor and member of our leadership. He uses his years in the credit card industry and working at a major bank to help people understand different financial products. He uses this insight to help steer us on how to recommend different products for different people, ensuring everyone gets the right financial tools to help them achieve their goals.

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